SFB/TR8 I1-[OntoSpace]

Spatial Ontology

An important goal of OntoSpace is the development of a cognitively-based, commonsense ontology for space. The spatial ontology will be used both for exploring theoretical questions relevant to spatial cognition and for providing ontological support for other projects within the SFB/TR8. As the basis for a spatial ontology, OntoSpace recommends DOLCE, and, as such, has also fostered international cooperation with the Laboratory for Applied Ontology in Italy. This cooperation is being conducted jointly with I4-[SPIN], one task of which is to pursue the representation and formalization of ontologies.

As an example of ontological support, the spatial ontology is being used to integrate various spatial calculi used in other SFG/TR8 projects. Of note is the incorporation of the Route Graph (part of I3-[SharC]) into the ontology as a way to capture a robot's view of navigable space.

OntoSpace plays a major role in the Bremen Ontology Research Group. And for more information regarding ontologies, see the ontology portal page.

SFB/TR 8 Spatial Cognition